The small things…

The other day my mother bought me a coat. Now, mother and I have rather different opinions about fashion, and so to prevent disputes, I had long told her never to buy me something without consultation first. She tends to forget. So despite feeling a little mean, I went and returned it. But deep down, I felt loved (especially considering she chose the right size).

Another event involved my dad. I have an OCD. Well, several in fact. I recently got a new mac keyboard, that unfortunately only came in white. This freaked me out because I knew that once I started typing, it would get dirty, and if it got dirty, a lot of will power would be required to overcome the smudges and continue using the thing. So I set out to buy a keyboard cover protection slip, …but didn’t find one. When I got home, lo-and-behold, there was a plastic cover on it! Makeshift though it may be, father remembered my ‘disorder’. And that made me feel loved too~

It’s always the small things…


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