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My Life, A Journey

A long time ago I wrote this reflection on another site:

” It’s rather ironic when you think about it. ‘Life’ – a simple 4 letter word and yet no definite meaning behind it. There are many ways of thinking about life, too many to state or list.

I consider my life to be like a continuous journey. A journey to where? I’m not sure, but that’s the point isn’t it? I don’t know what my future is and so it makes sense that I don’t know where I’m heading.

A journey with many obstacles in the way because life is not an easy flat, straight road. Perhaps it is more like an obstacle course. When I am encountering a difficult situation, reflected on my journey, I am walking up a steep hill. There are many factors that define how difficult the situation may be; the steepness of the hill, height, type of road/path (rocky, sandy, etc), etc.

At present, I am probably at the foot of the biggest obstacle in my life so far. Year 12 is not an easy mound of dirt that I can just hop over, but as life is a continuous journey, I can not avoid it or stop. I know that once I reach the peak, it’s all downhill from there and satisfaction lies on the other side.

And when I reach the end of my journey and look back, I hope that I will be able to come to realise that my life was, in fact, just a journey. There are times that I can run and times that I must crawl, but it’s all a matter of taking it step by step. “

(Sometimes I marvel at my literacy skills… where has it all gone?! …)

Year 12 was indeed a big obstacle. Unfortunately, as I was continually looking back over my shoulder too see how much I’d accomplished, I did not foresee the much more difficult trek ahead – university. But of course, university is not the be-all and end-all of my journey. The future is still shrouded in mist. It’s possible (and highly likely) that another greater mountain remains to be climbed. I can’t see it at the moment. I’m still trying to do what I told myself so many years ago: “…taking it step by step.” Sometimes I want to just stop, sit down, and stare up into the sky. Days when I feel like this, I find myself wishing for a momentary lapse in time. Just a little one. Enough to let me breathe in the world around me, be thankful for what I have, and regain my composure to continue the journey.

After all these years, all this time trekking, I still feel like I haven’t ventured far from the beginning. And yet I have. And before I know it, I’ll probably reach the end. So, message to my future self:

“Feel the ground, dirt, or pebbles below your feet, no matter how sore they are. It means you are still traveling, still journeying, still living. And remember, the seemingly never-ending struggle, is really only a short journey.”

(A photo I took from the car on a family trip through the country.)

Snotty Sleeves~

Yes. Snotty sleeves. Gross? Definitely. But it was unavoidable. A singular event in my life (as far as I can remember…), hopefully it was also inconspicuous and I did it stealthily enough. Pretty sure no one gave me a disgusted look… Sigh. Should probably clarify that this happened a LONG time ago, though at that age, I should have probably had the intelligence to not use my sleeves as a canvas for my runny nose. But I did. In public. A ‘sniffle buddy’ would have probably come in handy at the time (fancy thing for US kids, lucky mites)… or a tissue…

Why am I recounting this? … It’s winter. A buddy was sniffling beside me in our morning lecture. He asked me for a tissue, but I had none. That’s when I remembered = sleeves. But decided not to recommend it in case he figured out my dirty secret. So he continued sniffling. For the greater good I guess.




Everyday war with my wardrobe, incessantly checking the weather forecast to match my attire, trying to meet up with dress code expectations of peers, window shopping in search of nonexistent cheap-but-high-quality clothing, … all this has recently made me wonder: what would life be like if clothes didn’t exist?

Yes, everyone would be nude. But, really, the word ‘nude’ (or nudity… maybe even naked) wouldn’t even exist! Neglecting the fact that its primary function is for warmth, life would be much more simple without clothes (in the sense that I wouldn’t have to lose sleep deciding which combo of clothing to wear for the next day, what the ‘in’ colour is for this season, if I’d worn my favorite jumper too many times in the last month, etc. It really does shave years off your life 😦

On another slightly-off-topic-but-still-related note, I recently discovered this New York-based artist: Miru Kim, aka ‘The Naked Traveller’, and was completely captivated by her photos. Absolutely brilliant concept – back to basics vs man creations – taken at stunning locations around the world.*QY38Mivxo*0tn87*SV0dRU4tTnfHHbg9dZzSTdhJEQbToWN3Zih4c47cdFmyp-wggmjq3hcTA*Jw7EggSu8lBXJhL/MiruKim23.jpg


Efficacy vs. Efficiency

I often get confused between the definitions of the following 2 terms and when to use them:

Efficacy = capacity to produce an effect; effectiveness of something; doing the right thing.

Efficiency = extent/amount of time or effort used for an intended task or purpose; competency in something; doing things right.

e.g. (?) = The efficiency of my blog writing is lacking, and so is its efficacy.

Yep. I just confused myself a bit more.

When I procrastinate…


taking photos of (and then eating) colourful lollipops…

… and writing this blog entry of course.

Change of blog name…

Yep… so initially, this blog was titled “KnightandWind’s blog”…. Knight decided she cbf’d doing anything, Wind went on hiatus for like a year after losing interest…. and now Wind is back. and the blog is now “thoughtsandpieces”.

Why the change? well duh,

reason #1: blog admin is now 1 person, not 2

and reason #2: I find facebook annoying. especially the part where you post and wait for people to either ‘like’ or comment on it. really frustrating (and pathetic) when no one does so. … blogging’s different…ish.