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락 Rock 樂 (락락락) (Rock Rock Rock)

I can’t believe this drama has not had a lot of publicity since its release in December 2010. Why?!

Disregarding the unbelievably good-looking lead actor No Min Woo (who, by the way, did a brilliant job at portraying Kim Tae Won’s character), the concept of this four episode documentary drama is very good in itself.

We all wonder what the secret to success is, believing that there is one somewhere, when in fact, there is none. To succeed, one must first find the seed of talent within oneself, and then endeavour to nurture it into something more.

This drama is about Korea’s renown guitarist, leader of Boohwul (‘resurrect’), one of the most successful rock bands in Korean music history, Kim Tae Won. Obviously, there was exceptional guitar-playing thoroughout the drama. I believe most of these scenes were done by No Min Woo himself as he is a very talented guitar player. One must commend the screenwriters for turning Kim Tae Won’s life endeavours into a compelling script in which director Lee Won Ik adapted into a well-made drama.

After watching this drama, I quickly did a search of one of Boohwul’s initial lead vocals, Lee Seung Chul. Being a fan of ballads, discovering the king of Korean ballads was like an early Christmas present. Forget crying to Adele’s songs (which I don’t, so I do not understand why people do…), I don’t even know what he’s singing about (I don’t understand Korean), but hearing his unbelievable voice, the way he sings so effortlessly, makes me want to cry.

Here’s a link to one of Boohwul’s most popular song, ‘Never ending story’ (2002) with Kim Tae Won on acoustic guitar and vocals by Lee Seung Chul: