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Donnie Yen & Vicki ZhaoWei

Dayumm…I reckon these pictures are pretty hot~ Donnie not so much as Vicki, mostly coz he looks just a tad plastic thanks to the photoshopping done by the editor. …still, awesome takes.

They had this photoshoot done during/after the making of ’14 Blades’ (‘Gam Yee Wai’), no doubt as promotion for the epic movie. Have I seen it? Yes I have. Did I like it? …I LOVED it. But then I’m a sucker for action (and Donnie Yen~~ sugoi!), sooo there might be a bit of bias?

Pretty awesome cast including Kate Tsui, Chun Wu (Wuzun)…and random other people that I didn’t really notice lolol. But seriously, any Donnie + Vicki movie is a must-see. Why? coz they are AWESOME actors and they look BRILLIANT together (age factors totally neglected). Are they in other movies together? Hell yeah! i.e. ‘Painted Skin’, which was a pretty interesting thriller itself. This one also starred Chen Kun and Zhou Xun.

So if you haven’t seen either of the above movies, … you should.