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Everyday war with my wardrobe, incessantly checking the weather forecast to match my attire, trying to meet up with dress code expectations of peers, window shopping in search of nonexistent cheap-but-high-quality clothing, … all this has recently made me wonder: what would life be like if clothes didn’t exist?

Yes, everyone would be nude. But, really, the word ‘nude’ (or nudity… maybe even naked) wouldn’t even exist! Neglecting the fact that its primary function is for warmth, life would be much more simple without clothes (in the sense that I wouldn’t have to lose sleep deciding which combo of clothing to wear for the next day, what the ‘in’ colour is for this season, if I’d worn my favorite jumper too many times in the last month, etc. It really does shave years off your life 😦

On another slightly-off-topic-but-still-related note, I recently discovered this New York-based artist: Miru Kim, aka ‘The Naked Traveller’, and was completely captivated by her photos. Absolutely brilliant concept – back to basics vs man creations – taken at stunning locations around the world.